Athlete Assessment Camps

Assessments will be in Early 2021! Keep an eye out for further information on registration via email and social media!


The main purpose of our evaluations is to examine the physical, skill and mental levels of the individual along with their strengths and weaknesses. While we are strong believers that the more educated and aware an athlete is about their athleticism and physical state, the more likely they are to excel to their full potential. 


Through these assessments athletes will gain a better understanding of the following:
1. Identifying strength & weaknesses
2. Mental performance
3. Training guidelines for performance and skill 
4. Injury prevention 
5. Gaining confidence as an athlete 
6. Maximizing performance
7. Safety and health
8. Talent identification
9. Long term athlete development
10. Patience

We are thrilled to welcome The Bellin Health Performance Staff to perform high-level testing on our participants. Their trainers will be incorporating specific testing criteria to inform participants of not only where they rank in specific drills, but also what movement patterns or strength deficits may be holding them back or putting them at risk for injury. 

This testing will not only make an athlete more knowledgeable of their own body and its mechanics, but it will determine a multitude of answers as to how they can become, quicker, stronger, more powerful etc. all while working on injury prevention. Through your assessment with Bellin, you will receive further information about the Bellin Titletown Performance Lab and proper guidance that will assist you in taking your abilities to the next level. 

Collectively, through our expertise, MacRoc and Bellin have coordinated specific tests that each athlete will be ran through. 

Athletes will walk away with three in-depth assessments.

  1. Movement Assessment 

  2. Soccer Player Development Assessment 

  3. Sensory Assessment 

Click to view the specific tests and evaluations that will be done: 

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