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 MacRoc Soccer Academy Player Development Center is the third facility in the United States to house an Elite Skills Arena ICON. 

The ICON 8M is a 360-degree training unit developed by Elite Skills Arena out of the UK with the mantra of ‘Repetition – Accelerates – Performance’. It helps players develop proper touches, mechanical movements, passing accuracy, diligent turning, quick decision making and much more. It is controlled by an in-house tablet. From the tablet you select the profile of the player training, choose the game mode, duration, volume and brightness of lights.


The Database: On the online portal, coaches can see statistics for all the players under their control, can view pass accuracy %’s, total passes, average score, high score, average misses, & total time spent on the ICON. All the data for the games can be downloaded to excel to be analyzed by the coach separately. 


The Leaderboard: Accessed by a web link and simply shows the top 10 scores from whichever parameters chosen: 10 scores (today/weekly/monthly), on PassFinder2 game mode, for 60 seconds if running a competition for a day etc.

Each player and coach will have their own username and password, with which to log into both the product, and the online portal to view their scores and statistics! They can access this from within the facility on the in-house tablet or their own device, as well as from computer/laptop/iPhone/iPad without being at the facility.